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Bigg Boss Tamil Vote | How To Vote Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Online Perfect Guide

Ready to select your favorite Bogg Boss Tamil Contestants for Season 3. Check all details about Bigg Boss Tamil Vote below. This time of the year, if there is any buzz that is going in the regions where people speak Tamil, the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 has to be the prominent hot topic. Indeed, with the past two successful years of Bigg Boss Tamil, the Season 3 is bound to be a little more interesting and pleasing. Coming down towards the Bigg Boss Tamil Vote methods, there are plenty to choose from. Indeed, we will explain each of the methods later in this article.

Now, talking a bit about the Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil, the old and dashing host Kamal Hassan is back. Of course, with his presence, the show TRP is bound to reach new heights of success and glory. Speaking about the contestants, three names have been confirmed. For which, we will talk about later in this article.

Hence, let’s move ahead and discover every possible way for Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Season 3 online and through Mobiles. Also, we will let you know about other essential detailing about the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get started.

ShowBigg Boss Tamil Season 3
DateJune 2019
HostKamal Haasan
TelecastVijay TV
VenueBigg Boss House

Bigg boss tamil vote

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Season 3

For voting for favorite contestants, a number of voting mechanisms become a necessity. Hence for the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3, voting is beyond ordinary with the amazing Google voting system into place.

Of course, for selecting the best contestants from the rest, voting is the best possible way. Through voting, people can actually segregate the contests from each other and let the best one win the competition.

Yes, every single week, Big Boss uses the nomination method where 4 to 5 contestants are constantly nominated. Among those contestants, the one to have the least Bigg Boss Tamil Vote is obviously eliminated.

Currently, three of the most popular voting methods in Bigg Boss Tamil Vote 3 is as follows:

  • Voting through Google
  • Voting through Missed Call Voting Process
  • SMS Voting

BB Tamil 3 Voting Through Google (Complete Process)

Well, if you are an internet user and love using the Internet to the core, you can use Google voting to vote for your favorite contestants.

Let’s go through each and every step to know the entire Bigg Boss Tamil Vote (Google) process, the easiest way.

  1. First of all, you will need to go into the search bar of Google India and type Bigg Boss Tamil Vote in Google.
  2. Now, if the elimination process is already added, you will see the list of contestants in different boxes.
  3. Here, before you start voting for your favorite contestants, you must have a Google account. Thus, if you are not having a Google account, you must create the same first and foremost.
  4. Now, done by creating the Google Account? You will see that you have got 50 points. This points, you can use to vote based on your likes and preferences.
  5. You can evenly distribute the points between any contestants whereas even splitting 30 20 to two candidates is a good bet.
  6. For Example, you can give 20 points to your least favorite contestant and 30 points to favorite one.
  7. Now, after you have done all the above steps, tap on Submit for confirming your vote
  8. After successful submission, you will see that your vote has been confirmed.
  9. Now, you will be redirected to a page where you can see your vote count.

Google Voting process For Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3

Important things to Remember in Google Voting

In Google Voting, you can vote one time every week via one id only. In any case, if the authorities find more than one ID for the same person, they will surely ban the account.

Also, if you are eager to vote for your favorite contestants more than one time, do one good thing. Create more than one id’s on different names and with this, you can vote for your contestants, tons of times.

What Makes Google Voting Method, the Best One?

Well, if we want to describe the Google Voting Method in one word, it will surely be flexible. Indeed, while voting for your favorite contestants, you don’t necessarily need to cast your entire vote on to one person.

Google Voting method brings to you points which you can differentiate and vote more than one contestant. This, you can do on the basis of your choices preferences and priority basis.

Bigg Boss Vote Tamil: Missed Call Method

For the traditional fans who want to vote for their contestants, missed call voting method can be the most beneficial options. With this method, all you require is a phone and the number of your favorite contestant.

Now, let’s go through the complete set of steps to vote for your favorite contestant via the Missed Call method.

  1. On the first and foremost basis, you will need to choose favorite contestant before you vote.
  2. Now, right on the TV screen or over the Internet, you will see a 10 number unique digit code.
  3. So, basically, your work is to pick up your smartphone and give a missed call on your favorite contestant number.
  4. With this, your vote will be transferred to your wishful contestant in just seconds.

Most probably, if you are not willing to open the browser and go through a technical voting process, Missed Call voting is always a beneficial option.

Missed Call voting BB tamil 3

For Example

Suppose if your favorite contestant number is 9XXX8887XX1, all you need to do is one thing. Just pick up your Smartphone, give a missed call on that number and that’s it.

Your vote will be automatically transferred with whole ease and comfort.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting 2019: SMS Method

Currently as and when the world is connecting with the internet SMS voting is slowly disappearing. Still, for the traditional people who like to vote for their contestants via SMS, Bigg Boss has given the same stuff,

Using SMS voting is a lot simpler process. All you need is to SMS on the preferred number with your favorite contestant’s code.

After each vote, the contestant will get the vote whereas contestant with the least number of votes will be evicted from the show.

Boss Tamil Season 3 SMS Method

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Contestants List

As of now, not much listing of the contestants for BB 3 Tamil is confirmed. However, after a series of research, we have got for you the best and most awaited Big Boss Tamil Season 3 contestants listings.

The first ever name is Aiyaa Manasha who is looking quite confident and is one of the best contenders of the show.

Also, the other two names following Aiyaa is none other than the famous actor M.S Bhaskar and Sakshi Agarwal.

Even more, in recent times, Laila, Ramesh Tilak, and Sudha Chandran were also approached for the show. However, they have neglected the same and will not be a part of the Big Boss Tamil Season 3.

Additionally, Chandini Thamizharasan was also approached for the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3. However, what will be the complete list of contestants, the officials have only listed down three names.

Top 3 Names Officially Confirmed for Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3

  • M.S Bhaskar
  • Sakshi Agarwal
  • Aiyaa Manasha

Apart from the above names as and when we will get the confirmation, we will update the article as early as possible.

How are the Bigg Boss Tamil Votes Counted?

First of all, the entire vote counting process includes Google Online Voting, SMS Voting, and the Missed Call Voting. Here, the SMS voting is organized by the third-party organization where you just SMS on your favorite contestant’s number to see them win.

At the time of Vote counting, the governing party of creators gets involved in the complete vote counting process.

They count each and every method vote, with precision and discloses the same at the time of elimination.

Additionally, during the Weekdays, host proclaims the eliminated housemate details. With this, elimination detail works behind the scenes whereas on elimination day, the contestants are eliminated.

Although some people think that Bigg Boss is a scripted show, it’s probably not. The contestants go through a real elimination process whereas the one with least Bigg Boss Tamil vote is eliminated.

How the Bigg Boss Candidates are nominated for the Elimination?

Well, the overall nomination of Bigg Boss candidates is a merely complex process. Still, we will try our best to explain to you in the simplest manner.

Some of the factors on which the Bigg Boss Nominations for the elimination depend are as follows:

  • Bigg Boss Can Nominate The Contestants (Rare Case)
  • Candidates can be nominated by other Contestants
  • Self-Nominated Process

Even more, the contestants who are in the Bigg Boss house cannot nominate the captain. Additionally, even wild card entries can’t be nominated on the same day of their presence in the Bigg Boss House.

Hence, other people in the house can be nominated. Here, the person having a greater number of votes will be nominated, straight away.

Now, for the contestants who are nominated, here comes the phenomenon of the Bigg Boss Tamil Vote.

Here, you can vote for your favorite contestants and save them from weekly elimination.

A Look at the Bigg Boss Season 3 Wild Card Entries

Not every contestant is selected on the first day of Bigg Boss. Some of them enter the house in the middle of Bigg Boss Tamil weeks. Hence, the same contestants are known as wild card entries.

However, the wild card entries don’t have any superior rights than the other participants. In Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil, you can expect certain contestants to appear in the middle of the show.

Still, we are into earlier days and we can’t really say much as of now.

Who will Host Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3

It’s confirmed that Kamal Haasan yet again hosts the third season of Bigg Boss Tamil 3. The promo is already put in Youtube with Kamal Haasan intro video.

Wrapping Things Up: Bigg Boss Tamil Vote: Everything Guide 2019

So, there we go! After an extensive article of a complete Bigg Boss Tamil Vote and other details, we have come to the concluding phase.

Indeed, the Bigg Boss Season 3 is about to start and is all-set to brings lots of happiness and craziness for fans.

For the fans, you must have got complete information about Bigg Boss Tamil Vote methods. With freedom and choice, you can choose any of the above voting methods and vote for your contestants.

Additionally, other essential information about the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 is given right in the article.

Read the entire article, share with every Bigg Boss lover and do one wonderful thing. As the season starts, cheer for your loving contestant, cheer, vote for them and witness them win the mega Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 show.

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