Boss Tamil Season 3 Google Voting

Bigg Boss Tamil Google Voting Guide for Season 3

May 22, 2019

For every crazy fan who was waiting for the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 to start, the wait is finally getting over. Indeed, Kamal Hassan is back with a bang as the host of the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3. With this, nothing can be much better news as the show TRP now will reach extraordinary orbits. As for the fans who like to know the complete guide to Google Vote Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 online, we have got the solution for you.

Still, taking a glance at the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3, voting has become much simpler and digitized with Google Voting. No need for your mobile balance and all you require is a compatible device and a net connection.

The Missed Call method is effective, you got to try the new Google Voting method, which is equally fun and easy, all over.

Therefore, let’s move ahead and discover the complete guide to Google Vote Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3.

Boss Tamil Season 3 Google Voting

Complete Guide to Google Vote Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3

First of all, you will need to go straight to Google and register to cast your vote for the favorite contestant.

After which, you can follow the below steps to effectively perform Google Voting, the easiest way.

  1. Done with the initial registration process? Type Bigg Boss Tamil Vote in the Google.
  2. If the elimination process is already added, you will see every contestant names in the boxes.
  3. Now, before you start with the voting process, you must make sure to have a Google account. In case, if you don’t have Google Account, create one as it requires only a few minutes.
  4. After which, you are given 50 points for which you can split the 50 coins and give to your favorite contestants.

For example, you are free to vote first 10 points to any contestant and the last 40 points to your favorite ones. By anyway, you are the masters of your destiny where you can vote, th way you like.

  1. If you are done with the vote giving process, tap on Submit for confirming your vote.
  2. Here, make sure to double check your vote as the details once gone can’t be reversed.
  3. After you have successfully submitted your vote count through points, you will get a confirmation for the same. Also, you will be redirected to the corresponding page where you entered your points to vote.

Here, you must know that with each email ID, you can vote only once every weekend. If any case of duplicacy is found, the associated email id will be clearly banned.

Hence, if you are willing to vote for your favorite contestants, more than one time, you can do one good thing.

Simply make more than one ID and vote for your contestants, the easiest and most comfortable way.

If you are planning to do Missed call voting for Bigg Boss Tamil 3, Go and read our guide here.

Why is Google Voting the Best?

Well, there are several things which inevitably makes Google Voting, the best from the rest. First of all, it gives you a new way to vote via points. This further eliminates unnecessarily missed call cost.

Even more, with Google Voting, you can split the votes between two contestants and vote them based on your likes and preferences. Be it in the ratio of 20 30 or even 25-25, you are in charge to vote for your best-loved contestants.

Also, just by using a compatible device and an internet connection, you can simply use the Google Voting method to vote for best-loved contestants.

Well, from our point of view, voting with Google looks absolutely delight and at the same time simple.


Consequently, we hope you have gone through the complete guide to Google Vote Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3. Yes, the method works the best for modern date people who are already using Google at an extensive rate. Almost all of them will have their Google account. With this, they can vote for the contestants, the quickest and simplest way.

Therefore, not much time is left for the Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil and you need to be ready with Google account.

Right in the first week of voting, use the Google Voting method, vote for your contestant and let them win season, the effortless way.

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